Our Story:

Ever since that very first bottle I opened, I've been fascinated by wine.  Wine is history, culture, geography, weather, science, and art all squeezed into a bottle.  I spent my early years exploring wine via book, bottle, and on foot.  In 2016 this passion led us to buy a vineyard, and move to Oregon’s Willamette valley to establish a new winery in order to share this passion with others.

My personal palette for big, bold, powerful red wines may not align with the traditional perception of Pinot Noir, but drives me to test the boundaries of Pinot Noir to see what it can become with inspiration and perseverance. Trained as a physicist and engineer I am an experimentalist at heart, and that is reflected in my approach in the vineyard and the winery.  Every year, we try some new experiment, to answer some intriguing “what if”.

Most of our work takes place in the field, tending to and nurturing the vines year round.  Once the grapes are picked and brought to the winery the path they follow to become wine is largely up to them, with only a guiding hand from the winemaker.  You won’t find new oak, or temperature controlled fermentation vats, or other fancy equipment.  We just keep it simple and all about the fruit and sense of place.

Come by our cellar door for a tasting, share our passion and see what our wines have to say.

Tasting Room Hours

Saturday & Sunday 12am to 5pm

Monday to Friday 12am to 4pm (by Appointment Only)

Tasting Fee $20 per person (Waived with bottle purchase)



Pinot Noir Rosé

     2020 Block One $30
     2020 Block Three $30
     2020 Block Victoria $30


Pinot Noir Rosé

     2019 Rosé $30

Pinot Noir

    2019 Block One - Clone 91 $35
    2019 Block Three - Clone 71 $40
    2019 Block Three - Clone 91 $40
    2019 Maximus Cuveé $50
    2019 Sobrante $30


Pinot Noir

     2018 Block One - Clone 91 $35
     2018 Block Two $35
     2018 Block Three - Clone 71 $45
     2018 Maximus Cuveé $45
     2018 Sobrante $30
Our Cellar Door
Tasting Room